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Representing a family of products and services targeted at local needs and offering a craftsperson's touch and an attention to detail. All of our projects are designed to represent, support, prepare and organize the Tabula Rosa Ecovillage initiative; an experiment in a new kind of economy and culture.

Though it often costs a little more, placing your purchase with a craftsperson, you won't regret it. Be it woodworking, cleaning supplies, jewelry, technical services and much, much more, all through one portal and distributed to passionate hearts and minds. Quotes are free and questions are encouraged.

Welcome to the internet home of Robin Gosse Enterprises.


Specializing in wood turning, we endeavour to return the handcrafted touch to specialty goods made by skilled craftsmen standing at a lathe. From pens to pencils, smoking pipes to christmas ornaments and covering handles of all sorts, our focus on customer service is second-to-none in our completely custom pieces, made to order, as unique as our clients.


Tell your story through art, with LoreCrafters Jewelry. Nearly 20 years of experience working with chain maille jewelry and metal wire of all sorts, including beadwork and hybrids. With a new addition to your own collection, anyone can add to their story with a new bracelet, necklace, earrings or more unique pieces like neckties and belts; your imagination is the limit. Don't let anyone else tell your story, let LoreCrafter's help!


They say, "Nothing cleans the soul like the sea". Few places on earth is that more accurate than the island of Newfoundland with its 30,000 kilometers (18,641mi) of coastline and position in the frigid North Atlantic. With soaps, shampoos, and detergents from Newfound Latheries, anyone can experience that unique sense of clean. Bringing scentless castile soaps, and fragrances that would remind anyone of a visit to our beautiful island: wild berries, sea salt, spruce trees and campfires. Many custom scents available, or help us design one unique to you at Newfound Latheries.


The internet isn't going away, and we rely on technology more and more. Not only is this true in urban areas, but it can be even more crucial in keeping our coastal communities alive. Vinland Interactive is pleased to offer solutions, hard, firm and soft, for all of your technology needs. Specializing in personal computers, more recent services include security systems, business servers, printers, networking and more. Don't let an expensive piece of technology collect dust when our code monkeys and other nerds-for-hire are happy to help.


The world can a scary place, with fluctuating economies, scandalous politics and many are concerned that "the system" is out to get them, or at the very least make life harder than it has to be. Believing passionately that there is a better way, Robin Gosse Enterprises brings you Tabula Rosa Ecovillage. This is a thought experiment where economic, governance and engineering design philosophies can be explored in a community built of whole cloth and where all choices in it's design are deliberate. An off-grid research project growing all of their own food, generating their own power, raising their own capital and building a community. All other initiatives of Robin Gosse Enterprises lead here; each branch of the great tree supports the grand dream of Tabula Rosa Ecovillage. 


Paper or Plastic?

Who carries cash anymore? With the tap of a credit card or debit card, a purchase can be made at any Robin Gosse Enterprises craft event with the help of Square. Any product we carry can be purchased using a variety of means, so nothing can keep you from your purchase when the time is right.



We had a booth at Atlanti-Con 2017. Keep an eye out for us to return in a future date.


Annual Bay St. George Mi’kmaq Powwow

Here we got to meet so many proud people of their culture and show off our wares!

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