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So a Programmer, an Artist and a Audio technician walk into a bar…

Website Work January

Darcy Development

Work is underway on the site, sorting out the Memberships and various other functionality to have on the site.  Starting out with what is available in free plugins for wordpress that covers the following:

  • Contests,
  • Forums,
  • Chatrooms,
  • Job Offering, 
  • News,
  • Current Events

Like a BOSS!!! 4 Games!

Founder News

Game four, built upon THIS tutorial!!

Download it HERE.

Space bar to jump, arrows to move.

Can you get all the coins before plummeting to your inevitable death?

As always, thanks to RARLABS for their compression utility (though most computers shouldn’t need to download anything)


Founder News

This is a BREAKOUT, or brick breaker, arkanoid, etc, Clone.

This game is another in a tutorial series, which can be found here.

In v1.0 of this game, you click the mouse to release the ball, and use either the A/D keys, or left/right arrow to move.

Can you destroy all 24 blocks on a single life?

More to follow!!!

PS: Like before, download the game and extract the RAR file to open the EXE. RAR can be found here.


Founder News

PongClone Beta (30mb) was released 09 January 2016.

VINLAND GAMES’ second release, Roll A Ball Beta (30mb), is available for free download. This was released 12 January 2016. (design and code credit rightly given to the folks over at Unity)

 NOTE: You’ll have to download the game and extract it using (usually built-in) tools, and play the EXE file. Use arrow keys to guide your ball and collect all the moving, gold cubes.


Founder News

Okay, it’s Pong. I get it. First released by Atari on 29 November 1972, I’m about 45 years behind the times… but since I wasn’t alive during it’s initial run, I think I can be forgiven.Read More


Founder News

Welcome to our little corner of cyberspace. It is our mission to provide comprehensive “Web Development Solutions” to our clients in our own unique way. The brainchild of Robin Gosse, the concept was born of a growing problem; many organizations, individuals and groups in his homeland of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, lack the resources to provide for themselves fundamental internet presence. Many even lack the experience to tell them that they have this deficiency. Recognizing this fact, Code Monkey seeks means by which this problem can be rectified, through education and a gentler, more hands-on approach to web hosting solutions.Read More