This page to list local beekeepers, beekeeping groups and organizations that are working to preserve bees in the province such as bumble bees and honeybees!

The future depends on us to keep out the many dangers to bees from coming into the province. We aim to provide as many contacts and equipment suppliers to avoid buying second hand and out of province equipment.


Newfoundland and Labrador Beekeeping Association

Looking for information on apiculture in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador then visit the NLBKA website! If you own honeybees please register them with the provincial apiarist using the form below.


West Coast Beekeepers

This group is for beekeepers on the west coast of NL who wish to share ideas, practices and experiences with others. Although this is for NL WC beekeepers, anyone interested in bees is welcome to join if they wish to.


Adelaide’s Newfoundland Honey

✆ (709) 697-2339 Goulds, St. John's

Beekeepers living the dream at Adelaide’s Honey Bee, Pollinator and Wildflower Reserve in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Experience the Honey Bee Hike!


G & M Family Farm

(709) 213-2337 Freshwater

Known province wide for their beekeeping supplies, nucleus colonies, bee products, produce and expert advice.


Cormack Bee Company

(709) 765-0345 Cormack

Cormack Bee Company inc. is in the bee farming industry to raise bees and also collect and gather honey, beeswax, and other related bee products. We want to provide the best quality product to our customers as they are our top priority.


Winding Brook Farms Ltd

Black Duck Siding

Winding Brook Farms is a honey producer located in Bay St. George, NL. It specializes in micro-regional varieties which demonstrate wide variation from each other, depending on the type of micro-region. Varieties currently available are; Harry River Wildflower, Robinsons Farm and Hare Hill Wildberry. From river side meadows to farm fields and pastures to cut-overs, Taste the Flora of South-Western Newfoundland!


Baccalieu Trail Honey Bees

(709) 597-0681 Carbonear

A small scale beekeeping operation with several apiaries along the Baccalieu Trail. Our honey bees forage for nectar & pollen in wildflower meadows, vegetable gardens and flower beds resulting in a delicious local honey - 100% raw & unpasteurized.


Exploits Meadow Farms

(709) 258-6154 Bishops Falls

Established in 2015, Exploits Meadow Farms was pioneered from the forest to become a new agriculture business. Our focus is on producing local lamb, honey, pollination services and livestock feed & supplies.


Four Cousins Honey

(709) 685-5328 Bonavista Peninsula

Four Cousins Honey is a small, artisanal honey producer based on the Bonavista Peninsula on the Island of Newfoundland.


Tuck’s Bee Better Farm

(709) 486-0177 Grand Falls-Windsor

In partnership with local berry farmers, we provide our honey bees for crop pollination resulting in our honey cranberry juice and our honey berry sauces.

Our honey, honey sweetened berry sauces and cranberry juice, honey butter, pollen, beeswax, candles, beekeeping equipment, is usually available 7 days a week - 9 AM to 9 PM - at 267 Grenfell Heights, Grand Falls-Windsor. If you'd like to call ahead - 489-5132 or 486-5334.


Bee MA Honey

(709) 834-1889 Conception Bay South

Local apiary in Conception Bay South focused on getting raw unpasteurized honey from the hive to your home.


Paradise Farms Inc.

(709) 782-1435 Paradise

Paradise Farms Inc., is a family owned and operated honeybee farm business on the island of Newfoundland of Canada's east coast.


The Bearded Beekeeper

(709) 746-7598 Port Blanford

The bearded beekeeper (Ian Hussey) operates an apiary in Port Blandford and produces honey, offers nuc colony sales, beekeeping management assistance, hive hosting (for those that would like to have a hive on their properties without the commitment to managing the bees themselves) and pollination services to berry and fruit farmers. Plus sells hives and hive wooden ware!

Additionally Ian is available for anyone needing honeybee removal from an unwanted area, as well as swarm captures!