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Robin Gosse

Box 384 Bide Arm
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, A0K 1J0

Phone: +1 (709) 649-3212




Widdershins, old english for counterclockwise. We at widdershins woodworking are turners, lathe workers, and we are turning back the tide on mass production, factory knockoffs and disposable goods. Our focus is on heritage products...



Let us help tell your story. LoreCrafter's jewelry and art can make a bold statement, and our custom work can compete with the best artisans in the market. Why blend in when you can stand out with goods that speak for themselves...



The future if digital development does not belong to transnational megacorporations, and the area of websites, games and similar is not lost on the indie-developer. We at Vinland Interactive seek to prove that even in the...

Opening Hours

Newfoundland Time
  • Monday 12PM - 8PM
  • Tuesday 12PM - 8PM
  • Wednesday 12PM - 8PM
  • Thursday 12PM - 8PM
  • Friday 12PM - 8PM
  • Saturday See Events
  • SundaySee Events

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Tir Tairngire Ecovillage

Tir Tairngire, the place of promise in irish folklore, will become an ecocommunity like none before it. Mixing the old and the new, a completely new society built from the ground up, out of whole cloth, with sustainability and heritage trades in mind. A communal cultural experience wearing the armour of a corporate non-profit, this little dream is soon going to make history.

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