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420 on 10-17


October 17th, 2018 was a date marked on many calendars across Canada. Despite Canada’s relatively relaxed laws concerning recreational marijuana use, Prime Minister Trudeau’s promise has finally come true and placed cannabis in the same legal bracket as alcohol, under the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation. Not everyone has to agree with pot legalization, any more than everyone has to agree with alcohol or tobacco, but the fact remains that it’s now available in virtually every major city (despite inevitable and unfortunate shortages in the opening weeks) and millions of Canadians are equally delighted, and rapidly getting the munchies.

As the nation, Canada is rapidly adjusting to this dramatic departure from the zeitgeist south of the border of the “War on Drugs” that began in the 1970’s, a war who’s efficacy is hotly debated. As a matter of policy, however, we at Robin Gosse Enterprises accept the federal ruling as a law-of-the-land and intend to absorb the news and happy accept into our library resources for hemp and cannabis production, health and safety, information and similar data.

By virtue of making a substance legal, despite it’s pharmaceutical, recreational and junkfood scoffing side-effects, there are many industries that will benefit from this move, still viewed as radical by some, besides that of the effects of the female plant. Hemp is an incredible resource with far-reaching benefits extending well beyond what most people might consider. Not least of which it’s use as a textile, but CBD oil as a medical product, it’s use as a soil remediation/detoxifying product, it’s use as a fibre for paper displacing logging, it can be used to reinforce concrete, stabilize soils, balance ecosystems and offer itself as a foodcrop for livestock.

We welcome the news for a plethora of reasons, and hope that you find the resources we collect and provide to be of use. If you have your own resources you would like us to add to our library, please reach out via our Contact Us page so we can assist, and be sure to spread the word. Information is sacred, and the further we spread valuable, reliable information about a variety of topics, the more informed and educated our audience can become.

"Beware he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master." - Quote Source Unknown 

By Robin Gosse posted October 31st 2018

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