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Who we have been fashions who we are to become. Meticulous record-keeping and documentation along the way has the potential to do so much more than document failure, it can predict and possibly avoid it. Our history is important to us, along this 15+ year journey for it's creator. These are some chapters from our ongoing saga of creation.

Year 2018

Tabula Rosa - Project Timeline Summary

420 ON 10-17

The Early Bird with Robin Gosse (Intro)

Year 2017

I Am a Scholar

I Am Autistic

I Am a Father

I Am a Soldier

Year 2016

Tir Tairngire Summary

Welcome Visitors

Year 2015

A Warm Welcome, and Introduction

Robin Gosse of the Gosse Foundation Planting Seeds with the Ubuntu Liberation Movement

Robin Gosse, Pagansim, Religion, History and Geopolitics

Robin Gosse... Eco Community, Newfoundland, Canada... Podcast

Year 2014

“Ecovillage Tiny House and Greenhouse Infrastructure Module” or “Working Around the System”

“Bird Condominium” or “High Density Avian Architecture”

“Second Chances” or “Homeless as Precious Resource”

“Sociocracy” or “Consent vs. consensus”

“Ecovillage Greenhouse Redesign Beta” or “Feeding the 5000… eventually”

“Ecovillage Dreams” or “How I Invested 50% of My Life”

“What A Waste!” or “Leftover-Leftovers!”

“Avian Accommodations” or “A Guestroom with a View”

Year 2013

One Year Anniversary!! And Good-Bye Corner Brook

Year 2012

"Officer Cadet Gosse" Presents!


The Logdrivers!

Ecovillage Dreams: Redux

Sunday Morning After

First 10 Cabin Logs!

Prima Nocte

Preparing for Our First A-Frame Shelter!

Summer Title Graphic 100th Video Celebration

First Ecovillage Sign

Layouts and Jargon

Clearing Brush

The Gosse Family Gardens

Bridge Building and Axe Making

Earth Moving, Plus Bonus Footage!

The Big Day - Groundbreaking

Breaking Ground

View from Future Earthship Site, Tir Tairngire

To all you Ecovillage, Intentional Community Seekers!

Tir Tairngire; A Mission, A Dream

Year 2011

The Tir Tairngire Foundation – Draft Proposal

Ultra-Passive Worker Screening Saves Time and Resources!

A Secure Perimeter, Secure Homesteads

7 year vegan cropping rotation for Tir Tairngire Ecovillage

I Intend to Misbehave

Healing the Homeless!

Tir Tairngire Ecovillage Essay

Vegan Farming Design for Ecovillage

Tir Tairngire Series: Industries

Tir Tairngire Series: Homeless

Tir Tairngire Ecovillage

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