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If you are looking for a simple and safe way to control earwigs that safe for your pets here our instruction guide. Making your own traps from empty plastic ice cream containers also helps to reuse them.


Earwigs are a nuisance in the garden and around the home. There are many baits, poisons, and traps on the market. But if own pets you definitely not want them to accidentally eat any baits or poisons. The Best way to make sure your pet is safe from an earwig trap is to make yourself.

Things you will need:

  • Empty plastic containers with lids (in this case we be using ice cream containers). 
  • Drill and 3/8" drill bit (drill should be used by an adult). Also, a small wooden block for drilling support can be used.
Drill holes all around the top of the container just under the rim spacing the holes a few inches apart.

Fill up the container with water to a few inches below the drilled holes. Then add few drops of cooking oil (olive, canola or vegetable). The Oil will float on top of the water acting as the bait and makes hard for the European earwigs to climb back out.
Find good locations for the now ready traps outside the home. Set one near each door where people enter the home and place a few in the garden. The best places are in shady spots, under porches under small bushes or shrubs. Check traps every few days. Ice cream containers can hold a lot of earwigs it will take time to fill. Once filled dump the dead bodies in a compost bin, rinse out and reuse as trap again with water and oil.
Quick way to tell the sex of adult male and female European earwigs is to simply look at their forceps (male forcep are really curved while female forcep is more straight).

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