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Ever find a great looking strawberry in the field or garden and wonder how you can grow more! Runners are one way strawberries propagate along with seed. Making seed that has high chances of germinating is easier than you think. Just note berries from the grocery store are pick before they are ripe so chances are they no good for seed purposes. Once you have berries follow the tips below.

  • Gather fully ripened berries in a bowl. You can keep them whole or remove the other skin where the seeds are. Then place the material into a blender about ¼ full at time fill up with water to about ¾ full.
  • Turn on the blender for a few seconds at a time to break up the material but being careful not to damage the seed.
  • Leave for a few minutes as some seed will float and some will fall to the bottom. The seed on the bottom is what you want to keep. Remove the floating material and most of the liquid, then pour the rest in a bowl or saucer. The more liquid you remove the better as it be faster for the seed to dry. Once dry store or plant as you would normally plant strawberry seed (makes holes with your finger 1/4 inch deep and 6 inches apart and plant 3-5 seed per hole, then cover with soil).

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