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Who we have been fashions who we are to become. Meticulous record-keeping and documentation along the way has the potential to do so much more than document failure, it can predict and possibly avoid it. Our history is important to us, along this 15+ year journey for it's creator. These are some chapters from our ongoing saga of creation.

"Officer Cadet Gosse" Presents!

Special thanks to DawnCherryful for the wonderful questions, and I hope that I answered them accordingly. The world is a busy place when you're on the clock and still intend on having a life... but things are going well! I hope you all enjoy the channel, and don't forget to hit me up on facebook!

By Robin Gosse posted October 13th 2012



By Robin Gosse posted October 3rd 2012

The Logdrivers!

Myself and my father went out to the site and began clearing wood wear the "Ceili Park" would one day be placed. We are cutting the small trees, the standing dead ones, the fall trees, and so on, for his wood-furnace. Burning wood is carbon-neutral afterall! :D Enjoy the video of me bonding with my father, and spending a little time with Sarah to boot!

By Robin Gosse posted August 24th 2012

Ecovillage Dreams: Redux

Due to the popularity, I suspect, of the WITCHVOX website, it’s taking months and months to publish a single article through the editing process. I cannot even begin to express my respect for the attention to detail of the staff of this website to read every single posting to ensure all things correspond with the goals and objectives of the body. The down-side, of course, is that in some of the more fluid projects, like the creation of any community, the article contents are no longer accurate or necessarily conclusive after six or eight or ten months. That, however, is not necessarily a bad thing either. If you, my audience, were to read the posting-dates, add six...

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By Robin Gosse posted August 18th 2012

Sunday Morning After

Karen had left by this point, so just Sarah and myself on the day after the Pow Wow... we now have 16 logs cut and stacked. Tent is up, all is well!

By Robin Gosse posted July 17th 2012

First 10 Cabin Logs!

Just a little "short" regarding the first bunch of logs we cut down. There may be a surprise coming up on Friday; stay tuned!

By Robin Gosse posted July 11th 2012

Prima Nocte

Another huge milestone; my FIRST NIGHT at the ecovillage! Myself and Sarah camped out there; it was a shame that Karen could not make it out there. We also sawed down the first timber for the log cabin! Exciting times!

By Robin Gosse posted July 9th 2012

Preparing for Our First A-Frame Shelter!

We managed to cut some logs, and I cleared some more of the survey line. I have better access to more of the type I want; 20' long, relatively straight, and small enough that I can move them myself, but not so small that they are flimsy at the top... It worked out well. GREAT way to burn-off an afternoon... though my shirt was soaked through with sweat. Exhausted, but feeling VERY Accomplished today!

By Robin Gosse posted June 25th 2012

Summer Title Graphic 100th Video Celebration

I spent over an hour on this one, tweaking and twitching it away... I wasn't fond of the opening music, but I find it has grown on me. :)

By Robin Gosse posted June 23rd 2012

First Ecovillage Sign

Had a few technical difficulties here, too, but it all worked out! We have, here, a little walkthrough of the fun we had building a frame for our ecovillage sign, a 3'x3' printed rubber glued upon a plastic backing. Regrettable that we had to use so many synthetics, but the rest will come. Please enjoy this historic moment!

By Robin Gosse posted June 23rd 2012

Layouts and Jargon

Sorry if this one is a little dry, but sometimes we all get caught up in the whimsey of the moment and forget that technical planning has to be done. I learned a lot today, and I owe it all to Karen. Hope you enjoy, hope I don't bore my audience to death ;)

By Robin Gosse posted June 6th 2012

Clearing Brush

Now that we have the road established, and the end-point made, we're clearing all the brush from the trees (all the branches that are lower than seven feet from the ground) to make some "sunlight room" for the ground. Then we're going to establish several areas for moss to grow. Cleaning out the underbrush, bushes and tiny trees will really thin the woods out, and be a great place to play. :) Next step, marking off the "Main Road" and widening the mouth so we can park our vehicle there. Exciting Times!

By Robin Gosse posted June 5th 2012

The Gosse Family Gardens

Special thanks to several of our devoted followers, they wished to see more of the gardens that we, at the Gosse Family Cottage, had been cultivating all these years. Here's a video of moderate length to showcase what my father has grown in a relatively dry year. :) Enjoy!

By Robin Gosse posted June 4th 2012

Bridge Building and Axe Making

The first bridge, apparently, didn't make the grade in my neighbor's (Larry, the cottage down the hill past the crown-land and woods-road) eyes. So he GAVE me two old Railway ties that he manage to score some years ago. He was happy enough to get rid of them; because they are so heavily...

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By Robin Gosse posted June 3rd 2012

Earth Moving, Plus Bonus Footage!

We had a great day, Karen and I. We managed to clear the path that we've been grumbling about, and even managed to score some freebies from our neighbor. I can't confirm anything until the pieces arrive at the site, but it should be fantastic when it happens; could really provide a great way out for a problem we've been having. Hope you like the new diagrams! I'm really going for a little extra here, hope it pays off... so to speak. Furthermore, we've had 200 hits in 7 days! Thanks so much everyone!

By Robin Gosse posted June 2th 2012

The Big Day - Groundbreaking

This is a 2-day crossover video, encompassing the final days of May 2012 and the work that I had the pleasure of sharing with Karen and Mike. Lots of good information here, walkthroughs, and so on. I hope you enjoy!

By Robin Gosse posted June 2th 2012

Breaking Ground

Some commentary about the first shovel-strike into that hillside. Stakes are set, and we have the sod cleared. One of the videos at the end got lost in transit, but as of the end of the day, I had one whole square cleared off.

By Robin Gosse posted April 25th 2012

View From Hill Near the Area of the Future Earthship Site, Tir Tairngire

The hill is where I stood, and the panoramic shot is the view from that hilltop. I will build my home on that hill, the cottage that I grew up in at it's base. It's one HELL of a view!

By Robin Gosse posted April 17th 2012

To all you Ecovillage, Intentional Community Seekers!

(Here) is the place to find Tir Tairngire Ecovillage (under construction). We want everyone to know that dreams come true, and after 10 years of tireless work, Tir Tairngire is real. We break ground in late April, 2012, and we need your help!

By Robin Gosse posted April 7th 2012 

Tir Tairngire; A Mission, A Dream

Tir Tairngire, The Place of Promise, one of the six blessed isles of the Fae in Irish mythology. Understood to be equated with a Fae “afterlife”, it’s where magical beings can rest in a universe devoid of sickness, pain, ageing or hunger. We don’t pretend to be such a place. We do, however, hope to create such a philosophy when contrasted with today’s world. Ours is a world without high-technology, without grocery stores, without bigotry or dogma, without the abuse of synthetics, or high carbon footprints...

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By Robin Gosse posted March 24th 2012

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