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Who we have been fashions who we are to become. Meticulous record-keeping and documentation along the way has the potential to do so much more than document failure, it can predict and possibly avoid it. Our history is important to us, along this 15+ year journey for it's creator. These are some chapters from our ongoing saga of creation.

One Year Anniversary!! And Good-Bye Corner Brook

Yep, just some updates about the past month or so, a brand new opening for Spring 2013, I cannot believe that our one year anniversary is upon us! I also added a slideshow of friends of mine from Grenfell Campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland. Many of these faces will be at the site helping us over the summer, some will not. But they will all be immortalized as having stood next to the Tir Tairngire Ecovillage Site sign. :) Eager to get moving, truth-be-told, and get some more raw footage of the good work we're doing.

By Robin Gosse posted April 16th 2013

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