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Who we have been fashions who we are to become. Meticulous record-keeping and documentation along the way has the potential to do so much more than document failure, it can predict and possibly avoid it. Our history is important to us, along this 15+ year journey for it's creator. These are some chapters from our ongoing saga of creation.


Robin Gosse of the Gosse Foundation Planting Seeds with the Ubuntu Liberation Movement

May 26th 2015

A Warm Welcome, and Introduction

Well met!

My name is Robin Gosse, founder of The Gosse Foundation. In short, our ambition, our mission if you will, is to create a database of sustainable research for free for all people, for all time. I am of the opinion that a person’s honest ignorance of how very easy it is to live healthily and happily, off-grid and debt-free should not limit their ability to avail of such luxuries. From crushing home-grown tomatoes for a delicious pasta sauce to teaching children about the circle of life through a backyard micro-livestock or...

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By Robin Gosse posted May 6th 2015

Robin Gosse, Pagansim, Religion, History and Geopolitics

April 21st 2015


Robin Gosse... Eco Community, Newfoundland, Canada... Podcast

February 24th 2015

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