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The world can a scary place, with fluctuating economies, scandalous politics and many are concerned that "the system" is out to get them, or at the very least make life harder than it has to be. Believing passionately that there is a better way, Robin Gosse Enterprises brings you Tabula Rosa Ecovillage. This is a thought experiment where economic, governance and engineering design philosophies can be explored in a community built of whole cloth and where all choices in it's design are deliberate. An off-grid research project growing all of their own food, generating their own power, raising their own capital and building a community. All other initiatives of Robin Gosse Enterprises lead here; each branch of the great tree supports the grand dream of Tabula Rosa Ecovillage. 


Bees On Da Rock:
NL Beekeepers Page

By Randolph Benoit posted July 21st 2020


Along with the resources section we added a new page that you can find beekeepers of NL more quickly. These are not the small hobby beekeepers but ones that sell products like honey, bees and equipment. Check them out today!

Tabula Rosa - Project Timeline Summary

By Robin Gosse posted November 3rd 2018


I suspect I was like many, witnessing my life change on or near Christmas 2001. Every person is different, but I believe that in my case, it was directly because of The Shire scene in Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring. As trivial as a movie may sound, it was the visage of that place with Frodo reading a...

420 ON 10-17

By Robin Gosse posted October 31st 2018


October 17th, 2018 was a date marked on many calendars across Canada. Despite Canada’s relatively relaxed laws concerning recreational marijuana use, Prime Minister Trudeau’s promise has finally come true and placed cannabis in the same legal bracket as alcohol, under the...

The Early Bird with Robin Gosse (Intro)

By Randolph Benoit posted Oct 20th, 2018

This new intro took some time due to to finding a swf to video converter, sadly none worked close to our needs. Art and animation I did in Adobe Flash CS6. Now we can import the swf directly into Corel VideoStudio (2018). Added in sound effects and adjust sounds levels and length to sync with...

For more stories, history and news see the table of contents in our history archives!

Total Solar Eclipse 2024!

The ecovillage is in the path of the next total solar eclipse which is April 8, 2024 so join please us in celebration. Also make sure to wear proper eye protection.

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