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The Tir Tairngire Foundation – Draft Proposal

The Tir Tairngire Foundation, once simply known as the Tir Tairngire Project, has evolved into a new phase of existence. Once the brainchild of one man, which became a labour of love shared by hundreds of professionals over it’s ten year journey, it has become something so much more real. It’s new mission is to take the information and direction discovered over a solid decade of pure research, haphazardly collected and mutated and analyzed and twisted, and to collate the material into cohesive journal articles with the intent to publish them in monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly collections of cited, sourced, comprehensive reports on all things from products, to book reviews, to engineering schematics, social science proposals and psychological projections of life living in all types of communal environments. The mission is to construct a database of professional, reputable and serviceable articles that pass the standards of the accredited, peer reviewed journals of sociology, psychology, engineering and similar.

Several milestones will exist with this particular privately run publication, which include but are not limited to the collection of a board of directors for the organization, a review board to examine all articles submitted for publication, the cross-referencing of these articles with their sources and the editing for content, format and reference styles. Professionals representing each of the social sciences, and each of the applied sciences so that each of these faculties are considered and examined in all research. These professionals, initially volunteers, will have the capacity to contribute unique knowledge and personalities to the project, and add validity to the efforts of the Foundation.

Initial publications will be free and in Ebook format. Each text will be produced professionally and in regular intervals. Each volume will include instructions for those willing to submit their own research, and will have a section devoted to the transparency of the organization with contact names, histories, and so on. By providing a free service to a community who’s focus is on egalitarian decision making and contributions that differ from that of the corporate machine, submissions will become the next natural evolution of a free product of this nature. All submissions, once reviewed, will be available on the Foundation website free of charge as having participated in the project, and the finest submissions will be published in our ebook editions.

As the natural progression of the syndication evolves, continuing submissions will require simultaneous volumes in more specific fields, including one for engineering drawings, one for psychological submissions, one for sociology, for legal jargon and compliance, and so on. Proposals have already been submitted for short-fiction journals of professional writing with the goal of developing an ephemeral vision of life in such environments, making use of the formal article material, such as tools or social theories developed in more formal journals.

The series of journals will be destined to create a publicly accessible database of information, reviewed and studied by the selection board of volunteers and authorized by the board of directors, also volunteers, and provide both the tools and the schemas to design ecovillages, sustainable settlements, intentional communities and communal infrastructures of all varieties in any climate or jurisdiction. Late-stage articles will discuss case studies for given climates in given governmental systems with given resources and assets, organized, developed, and proven using sources and providing contact information where supplemental data may be needed. The proper facilitation and implementation of this research will provide instructions for a variety of improvements to be made on a small scale of a single home or lifestyle, up into the municipal or regional scale when examined properly.

The foundation’s long-term goals include the construction of a headquarters site, built upon the research collected and published in the series of regular issues. Currently sited for a tract of land in St. Fintans, Newfoundland, donated to the organization by it’s founder, this 17.8 hectare property will house the culmination of over a decade of research and prove the theories prescribed through the article submissions.

By Robin Gosse posted December 1st 2011

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