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Tir Tairngire Ecovillage Essay (Written for a Pagan Website)

A community is like an organism, it must be fed, kept healthy, and occasionally it’s members must be culled (typically through some judiciary or healthcare system). The Tir Tairngire is like any other community, even though it has yet to have grown broken. Since it’s inception in 2002, it has taken many forms, had many hundreds of members conversing across the vastness of the internet, and has been reborn three times; each time stronger, healthier and with greater direction towards… uhh… the next time it’s reborn. Haha.

Over the course of my very busy summer, I’ve been working feverishly to create a new look for the page, something that looks different than previous iterations but still embodies what, exactly, we are trying to do… and I think it’s been working out. The new message forum lost ALL of our previous records, but sometimes it’s simpler to start from zero and work back into something beautiful, different minds holding different hands in a different world can create an equally possible but completely different set of ideas from which we can grow, and I like that :)

That said, I’m inviting Witches Voice to throw out a fresh invitation to all the good girls and boys (and other) in their rosters to get involved with the project. It’s bold, it’s new, and it’s got an even LOWER carbon footprint than before! Using vegan permaculture techniques, some formulas calculate that even in Newfoundland, Canada we can support over 100 people on our 44 acres (18 hectares) and still make hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of excess produce! Using nettles and other plant fibers for textiles, growing algae for biodiesel (where absolutely necessary) and supporting the creation of a rich and vibrant microculture on the West Coast of our beautiful Newfoundland, Canada.

Please take a moment to consider what this project represents, and what it is struggling to become. A community of homesteads, neighborhoods and co-housing projects nestled within an ancient wooded area of rural Newfoundland, Canada. We shall have blacksmiths, carpenters, potters and weavers. We shall have herbalists, farmers, homemakers and children. We shall welcome the homeless, the tired, the sick and the poor. We seek means by which we may reduce our carbon footprint of a potentially three-digit population to an area of 44 acres (18 hectares) and to provide for those people a standard of living equal to or better that which they would enjoy in a large city center, with none of the earth-poisoning pollution and stress of having to compete.

I’ve written literature on the potential to collect those among the homeless population who wish a better world and bring them here. We wish to provide so nurturing an environment and so healing a culture that we can heal the wounds caused by an apathetic society which did not want them as part of it, despite the cause. We want to work with these lost souls, and help them readjust to a warmer, more loving world such that they may, one day, re-integrate into the greater society if they so choose. With the freedom to return to the downtrodden life they left, their own memories will remind them of the chance they were given and how far we are willing to help them grow. What better source for living in the light of Mother Goddess than to turn what is commonly seen as vermin back into working, functional, contributing members of society. They have the means, I have the dreams, and we have the tools to create a better world for us and them, if only I can collect the force-of-arms required to whittle away the jetsam and flotsam from the research data and hone our project into a streamlined ball of muscle and sinew capable of propelling a dream into reality.

Healing the homeless of the world is only one step, and one facet of the new potential that the resurfaced Tir Tairngire Project has in it’s design. Creating a sanctuary of healing for others who have places to return to. It has been discussed and designed to provide temporary housing for those in need of healing, cleansing and similar for their mind, body and spirit. Imagine a venue, like a summer camp or a extended-stay spa, where you can purge your body of toxins by eating a 100% local, all-natural, delicious and nutritious vegan diet. Where your spiritual needs can be met by a host of interfaith minsters and worship services. Where your body can be healed through alternative medicine techniques by professionals in acupuncture, raindrop therapy, psychology, chakra cleansing, healing hands, massage and more. Imagine being healed by willow, nettles, aloe and rose hips, rather than pharmaceutical drugs. Bathing in collected rainwater amid an infusion of natural herbs and spices meant to revitalize your body through to your soul. Burn off excess weight and psychological burdens by laborious time spent in a seven-layer forest garden and experiencing heritage crafts like weaving, looming, pottery, carpentry and blacksmithy much of it performed on hand-made equipment using zero emission and non-invasive means. All of our power is solar, all of our water is recycled, all of our food comes from our own crops. We envision a world that, once visited, one never truly leaves, even once you have returned to your tiny apartment in the smog-ridden and noisy downtown district of a million-something city. We invite you to help create that world, and perhaps make your won home among our groves and hedges, in Robin’s Nest Township, under the guidance of the Tir Tairngire Project.

Join us, as hundreds have before you, in creating a brave new ecovillage like none before it. Tir Tairngire Ecovillage will become the beacon of light for so many trapped within the Concrete Jungle with no hope of escape, only to hear the siren song of the wind through our apple trees, and the sweet scents of our gardens. With help from pagans like yourselves, we can make this dream a solid reality and you can tuck this new card into your deck of karma, “I did that, I helped lay the cornerstones.” Without you, there is no community. Without many voices, I shall remain a chorus of one, though I shall still proudly sing.

Brightest blessings to you all, May Mother Goddess kiss your footfalls.

By Robin Gosse posted August 11th 2011

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