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Ultra-Passive Worker Screening Saves Time and Resources!

This is the true benefit of my fanaticism right here; it’s a notion that we’ve discussed a little before, in previous generations of the forum and have mentioned it peripherally elsewhere in this forum, but I’ve called “Passive screening”.

Think about it for a moment. We’ve got the hippy-dippy healing ways of reiki, chakra, raindrop therapy, aromatherapy, along with a VEGAN diet devoid of any poultry, pork, beef, etc, no eggs, no bacon, no milk, no chicken, no turkey. We will be living in a world devoid of television as we know it, no satellite or cable, limited access to computers. We will be experiencing backbreaking farm labour of pulling stumps, hauling produce, and more without the benefit of heavy equipment or even beasts of burden. We will be doing all these things and more not for material or liquid gains, no money will change hands, but for the betterment of the community.

We all own stock in the community, and (perhaps) only when you leave the community do you actually receive any large sums of money. ALL resources are funneled back into the community until perhaps quarterly periods when we all receive a dividend. The finer niceties of finance will be hammered out later, but you won’t make your millions living in Tir Tairngire.

We will be living among the formerly homeless, those with possibly mental illness or some sort of disability. We will have limited access to neighboring communities and be required to spend time AFTER our 10-12 hour days in the fields doing community work like the trades, tending to children’s studies in the homeschool and taking turns in the kitchen.

No smoking, no drugs, limited access to alcohol. This is a society based upon an anachronism, an ongoing roleplay of an age by-gone that’s taking place in real life with the mission of attaining a level of spiritual (not necessarily religious) purity and cleansing. Of every thousand people, perhaps one could handle living here if forced, let alone by choice; but that’s the way I like it.

“Passive screening” is the notion that sort of exists by accident. We’ve created a lifestyle so bereft of all of what most people think makes life bearable, stripping it away and being reminded daily of how harsh the realities of this purer lifestyle is. Our way of life, our philosophies alone will keep most of the ‘bad people’ away.

We won’t have drug dealers here, we won’t have alcoholics, we won’t have money-hungry lunatics here. Those who are will be stripped of those illnesses if they choose to stay, or they leave. Criminal records don’t concern me. In a community as small as this one, we’ll all learn about one anothers pasts, about what makes us tick and what ticks us off.

A psychological evaluation is probably a good idea to assist in deriving who can and cannot handle the lifestyle. For example: based upon determining how many hours of television you watch, how important television is to watch, which activities you do when the power fails, when there’s nothing ‘good’ on TV, etc, will help determine how easily you could live without it. Is television a distraction or a vice? Are you addicted to such a unidirectional form of communication or are you just lonely? Compulsive video gamers would have no place here, for example.

There are many ways to screen… but I feel that among the general population, less than a percent would apply. However, of those who apply, a significant portion would be suitable and would, in essence, screen themselves.

By Robin Gosse posted August 18th 2011

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