Founder News

Okay, it’s Pong. I get it. First released by Atari on 29 November 1972, I’m about 45 years behind the times… but since I wasn’t alive during it’s initial run, I think I can be forgiven.

But since I am so new to the game development world that THIS took me the better part of 10 hours (which included 2.5 hours of video tutorial ALSO explaining C# code, UNITY 3D 5.3.1F1 UI, some gaming theory, debugging my code, checking facebook, snacking, swearing, random acts of frustrated violence, etc.). That said, this is an epic achievement. I am now MUCH more familiar with C# programming than I was, and better acquainted with the current iteration of my new paramore, UNITY 3D 5.3.1F1.

This is a HUGE accomplishment, and I’m REALLY stoked. Not sure what I’ll build next, maybe a little more cartoony 2D platformer, but what matters now is that I’m in the game! The sky’s the limit, and this is only the beginning!



Ball Release = Mouse Click
Paddle UP = W or Arrow Key
Paddle DOWN = S or Arrow Key


You’ll have to download the special Chrome web viewer, here.
Don’t ask me why!

Click here for my particular clone of the classic Pong game!