Founder News

Welcome to our little corner of cyberspace. It is our mission to provide comprehensive “Web Development Solutions” to our clients in our own unique way. The brainchild of Robin Gosse, the concept was born of a growing problem; many organizations, individuals and groups in his homeland of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, lack the resources to provide for themselves fundamental internet presence. Many even lack the experience to tell them that they have this deficiency. Recognizing this fact,¬†Code Monkey¬†seeks means by which this problem can be rectified, through education and a gentler, more hands-on approach to web hosting solutions. This bold mission, like many of it’s ilk, will take time. Please be patient with us as our page grows and evolves like the business, and be sure to contact us as necessary for more information about our products and services and how they may suit your needs. Many thanks, – Administrator